The Belt and road – October 2017

International conference of China Urban furniture standardization.

Agora'Green Project: Proposal for the creation of "green" points in Chinese cities. Lianyungang City - China
In collaboration with: Prof. Bao - Shanghai Dong Hua University.
: Agorà Green would like to be a sustainable urban proposal not only for the city of Lianyungang but for the major Chinese cities. The idea is to create an international "Green" dialogue between Italy and China, capable of communicating in the same language and with the same ideas, since the language of Nature is only one. This is a common factor that has linked the story of these two great Nations which are very "far" but also very “close”, having ancient cultures and traditions but with very similar habits and processes of ideas. Agorà Green is an idea that starts from a historical path of tradition, culture, art and science, analyzing how our time and our mind were centuries ago. The greatest interest is to bring the lost qualitative time that was available in the past and "teleport it" into the present to recreate social awareness in the respect of the culture of the green and the things around us. Trying to create an 'immersion into Green' is the biggest challenge in recent years. It is useless to describe what is happening in our earth, we all know that we have to reduce something that Mother Nature does not accept anymore. It has allowed us to become "big", giving us the opportunity to grow and to create our own progress.