Riverside Museum in Nanjing

LMD studio, Demage messe and AZL studio of Shanghai through the real estate agency "River Side" in Beijing, have developed a new project for the museum of the new Sixflags recreational and residential park in Nanjing which will be built in the next two years. An interior project that occupies an area of ​​12,000 M2 and is adjacent to the urban area of Nanjing in the vicinity of the Li Shui Mountains. The origin of the project is inspired by a sinuous shape like that of a dragon that leaves a trace in the territory to leave visitors new experiences and emotions connected to art, respect for nature and health care. For all 3 blocks it has been thought for a suspended structure that reminds a dragon that connects all the different areas, where people could be in a "real time" path to follow, created by video and laser projections. In the first block the lobby has been designed with vertical LCD video displays, where the introduction of the whole Exhibition Hall is explained. You can access on the second floor, through the stairs to the "Industrial Art" area where the contemporary art exhibitions will be set up. In the second block, an oval 5D cinema has been designed where a virtual trip will be simulated inside the entire Sixflags park. Within this structure a bridge has been designed where it will be possible to stop and see the 3D show of the whole park. On the left side of the same block, an interactive area has been created with a miniature model of the whole Sixflags park with also the pre-sale and information area for future buyers. In the last block on the upper left side, the area dedicated to Healthcare and rejuvenation and to the "Future Market and future Home Leaving" was designed, explaining what the new technologies and experiences could be in the field of purchase in super markets and new habitats in homes. On the opposite side of the third block, the Wellness Hotel area has been inserted. It is a project of strong impact, placed in a natural context and outside the urban center. It will be innovative not only for design but also because different experiences will be created, where finally the public and families will be able to interact with each other, living new and unique experiences to remember forever.

December 2017

Client: Riverside Group realestate
Chief contractor: Mr. Bao
Chief Interior Design Project: Luca Matta
Project Manager: Du Yunjiao
Collaborators: Yuan Meiqing, Liu Bin
Architecture Project: ZHANG LEI - AZL STUDIO NANJING