My most beautiful memory

Musical, December 2000
Eden Theater - Treviso, Italy

Director: Fabio Verducci
Scenography: Luca Matta e Matteo Donadi
Prop building: Decorpan srl
: The musical “my most beautiful memory” at the Eden Theater in Treviso, Italy, has allowed me great freedom in the project of the set up scene. The parameters required from the director and the coreograohy were to give great fluidity to the scene, with chinese shadow projections. The dancers would then bring the movement by moving the boxes. I had a sudden inspiration that led me to using and assembling already existing items: vegetable boxes. By layering them one on top of the other, hundreds of them, and then covering them with tulle, I managed to recreate the internal and external areas of the houses and I managed to also obtain, with the transparency of the tulle, the chinese shadows effect. On this base we were then able to “model”, according to precise plans, the several scenes.