Beijing Horticulture Expo 2019

Winner at the government bidding with Demage Messe company

Client: Chinese Government
Chief Designer: Luca Matta
Chief contractor: Mr. Bao
Project Manager: Du Yunjiao
Collaborators: Yakky Cho
: Horticultural Expo 2019 in Beijing is the winner of the tender for the Horticultural Fair and was done in conjunction with the Chinese Company Demage in Shanghai. It is a project of interior design and landscape of 30,000 m2, where the latest advanced Green technology is used, such as hydroponics, bioclimatic and air purification, with an active local plantation system in the area of Beijing. I have also included Plant-e Technology as a reference to the production of low-voltage independent power generation. A perfect microclimate explaining to visitors how the Chinese future could be, given that the Government, after the Paris agreement, pledged to invest $ 298 billion to fund new Green technologies in China. In the illustrated drawings, only a small part of the Fair has been planned, the first introductory room . The most common symbolic materials of the Chinese garden, such as water, stones, bridges, and passages were analyzed. Observing the layout (45) one can notice the shape of an inverted heart, cut off obliquely from a bridge that in the typical Chinese garden is seen as a passage in paradise and a new dimension to the cosmos.