After finishing the studies in Set Design and interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, 1998, starts his cooperation with his father in the Architecture 5/82 Studio in Treviso, Italy. During his time there, he developed several projects for L’Oreal Paris, Aveda Corporation, Shu Ueumura, Samsung LTD and many other well-known international brands.

After 13 years, in 2011, in Treviso, Italy, in a small underground lab, LMD was born.

It started with the mission of bringing new, different approaches in the design world, offering the cutting edge knowledge on the employment of new materials and the management of new spaces, with the objective of creating strong interaction and emotions between people.

In 2013, after winning numerous international design competitions Design competitions, he’s been contacted by the Shanghai Mohen Design International studio and LMD lands to China. There, it will start to create new spaces, buildings, sets and objects, cooperating with major local companies and thus starting large scale projects in the major Chinese cities.

Since 1998, having accumulated thorough understanding in several, different subjects, from theater setting, light design, to interior design and product design. I started to create and fuse together all of these experiences. Without having a characteristic style in “Fashion Icon Design”, it has grown over time, especially in China, the practice of listening and “problem solving”.

LMD is creative genius, research, passion and curiosity for every detail that could be analyzed, developed and drawn.